Online Truck Driving Classes

United States Truck Driving School is proud to offer the flexibility and convenience of completing your first week of truck driving classes from the comfort of your own home.

Our 160 Hour Class A Interstate Heavy Duty Commercial Driver Training Program includes 50 hours of classroom instruction that can now be completed via the internet, or on our campus.  The choice is yours.  Once the 50 hours of classroom is completed, you would then just need to attend the 110 hours of hands on, behind the wheel training, to complete the full 160 hour program and be ready to take your driving tests and obtain your Commercial Drivers License, Class A.  Learn more about our web based truck driver training.

The 50 hours of truck driving classes, whether done online or on one of our campuses, is just the theory based training, log book training, federal rules and regulations, etc.  A student must complete the remaining 110 hours of instruction on our campus, to be eligible to take the driving tests and obtain their commercial license.

If you have questions regarding our truck driving training please do not hesitate to call the United States Truck Driving School at 303-431-7600.