Financial Aid

Financial Aid for CDL Training
While cheaper than almost any other type of career training available, truck driving programs still have a lot of options for scholarships, assistance and reimbursements.

Types of Financial Aid Available

Scholarships are one of the more popular forms of tuition assistance for truck driving school because they are not required to be paid back. Many programs, including the “Drive the Guard” partnership can cover the entire cost of CDL training at partner schools.

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Student Loans
We offer a variety of finance options for those students concerned with truck driving school cost and needing financial assistance to pay for their tuition. If you are ready to start your career as a Commercial Driver, call us and we will find a way to get you financed.

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State & Local Programs
There are a number of state and local tuition assistance programs that our students may qualify for. From Workforce Development to Veterans Assistance Programs, U.S. Truck Driving School is approved for funding from more than a half dozen programs and agencies.

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