2014 Graduate Loretta Young


Loretta Young actually graduated back in December 2014, but somehow we didn’t have her graduation picture! She stopped by the school yesterday to visit, so we snapped this pic, and got to talk with her about her time here enrolled in class, and her new driving career. It’s always a great time catching up with our graduates, thanks for the visit Loretta!! #WomenInTrucking

2014 graduate Loretta Young

May graduates and funny technology tweets


Found a few more May graduate photos floating around, so let’s share! Congrats to Joshua Berry, Toni Conaway, Michael Raulston, and Cristobal Guerra! Wishing you all the best in your new driving careers – stay safe, folks!

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Toni Conaway

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Michael Raulston

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Joshua Berry

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Cristobal Guerra


Funny Tweets to Prove Kids Today Have No Clue About Old Technology

I’m not even that old, but these tweets make me feel old! Ugh. How many of you can relate to these?? (click the pic for more tweets!)
funny technology tweets (h/t: boredpanda)

May 2015 US Truck grads, and an awesome VW camper van


Congratulations to this fine group of graduates that worked hard and finished up their training in the first half of May 2015: 2. Richard Molinari, John Kelly, David Richardson, Scott Merritt, Stanley Clark, and Khamphoui Phouminh.


Check out this VW camper van that I am now obsessed with. I’d love to travel and camp in this thing! Set up with just the press of a few buttons? Yes, please!

Practical Motorhome Doubleback VW Camper

From students to Professional Drivers!


I just love sharing photos of our graduates! They all work very hard to get successfully get through their training program here, and we are proud of each of you!! Today we’re congratulating recent graduates Christopher Eisenbraun, Jesse Hackstaff, Brent Paulsen, Dean Romero, John Buchholz, and Mohammed Olad!

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Jesse Hackstaff

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Dean Romero

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Christopher Eisenbraun

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Brent Paulsen

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Mohammed Olad

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

John Buchholz

Way to go, everyone! Congratulations to each of you on the hard work and dedication you put into furthering your education and meeting your career goals! Best of luck on the road!

Congrats, Graduates!


A few more of our students that graduated in June! Congratulations to Reinoldo Padilla, Jonathon Handboy, Misquise Wright, Michael Spencer, and Terriante Williams!

A few more US Truck graduates!


More US Truck graduates! We’d like to give a big shout out to these guys for reaching the first part of their career goals, and graduating with a CDL! Hope you’re all enjoying your new driving careers! Congratulation to: Windell Stephens, Tony Bower, Joshua Miller, and Jonathan Plasencia!

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Windell Stephens

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Tony Bower

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Joshua Miller

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Jonathan Plasencia



June 2015 Graduates from USTDS


Congratulations to everyone that completed training and graduated in the month of June! You all put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieving your career goals, and we wish you all the best in your new driving careers and future endeavors!

June 2015 USTDS Graduates:

Minani Jaquegraduated June 8; Josephine Bacagraduated June 10
Larry Montoya graduated June 10; Eyup Savasgraduated June 11
Shawn Parker graduated June 12; Brandon Blissgraduated June 11
Craig Burgess graduated June 11; Brandon Howardgraduated June 12
John Lewis IIgraduated June 17; Lee Kennedy graduated June 18
Joshua Kincheloe graduated June 19; Aide Hillman Spadegraduated 24
Johnny Rhamygraduated June 25; Tanner Abelgraduated June 25



April 2015 graduates from US Truck


More USTDS graduates! Always so proud of the hard work our students put into their career training. Congratulations to these guys and gals for putting in a lot of hard work, and getting the job done! We wish you all the best in your new careers and future endeavors!

[update!] Here’s a few more photos of our April graduates: Ruben Garza, graduated 4/24; David Patterson graduated 4/27; Bob Briscoe graduated and George Aguirre graduated 4/28; Marcella Richardson (with her husband, and past USTDS graduate, Sean), Tommy Lucero, and Carlos Gonsalez all graduated on 4/30. Congrats to each of you!!

 [update!] More graduates from April 17th! Congratulations to: Scott Copeland, Stuart Ford, Ernest Espinoza, Robert Mayfield, Paul Richards III, and Kelly Sanderson!


April 3, 2015 graduates: Kevin Zachary, Celestino Montanez, J.R. Richardson, Byron Robertson, and Matthew Rusch

April 10, 2015 graduates: Stephanie Ausfahl, Dylan Fracasse, Jose Anchondo, Dylan Ford, Anthony Diaz, Victor Juan, and Omar Abdi

March 27 graduates head out in their new driving careers


Congratulations to 8 more of our March 2015 graduates! Ryan Jordan (not pictured), Carlos Zamora, David Brader, Alexander Wagner, Benjamin Auch, Mark Beercroft, Jason Szmyr, and Rosa Tribble all completed their CDL training and graduated on March 27, 2015! Wishing you all the best as you start out in your new truck driving careers!

USTDS students graduate March 2015


Very proud of our students that graduated at the end of March! We send our best to each of you as you begin your new driving careers!

Al Thibodeaux- graduated 3/15/15, Christopher Hunter- graduated 3/17/15
March 20th graduates: Matthew Cunningham, Rodolfo Guzman, Jose Rivas, Leron Johnson, and Phillip Martinez March 23rd graduates: David Castillo, and Steven Doran