Employer Video: Larry Clark, Houg Logistics & Transportation


Getting an idea of what you can earn for a living is important when you make a desision to start a new career. Larry Clark with Houg Logistics & Transportation talks money, and what you could potentially make driving as an owner operator, and what it takes to get there!

Employer Video: Garth Wilson, Baileys Moving & Storage


Garth Wilson with Baileys Moving & Storage talks driver lifestyle and earning potential when you drive for them. Click play to see what you can expect as a driver for Baileys, and what you could potentially earn as an OTR driver!

Employer Video: Jennifer Capshaw, Sigma Network


Professional & safe drivers wanted! Click play to hear Jennifer Capshaw with Sigma Network talk about how the costs for your CDL training can be covered with the partner program between Sigma and USTDS. For more information on getting the CDL training you need for the job they want you to have, give us a call today!

Employer Video: Nicole Frank, JBS Carriers


Nicole Frank with JBS Carriers talks about why USTDS graduates are more successful at JBS than graduates from any other school they work with. Click play to hear what JBS Carriers offers their new drivers, and what your earning potential can be as you gain experience with them.

JBS Carriers will have a recruiter at our Truck Driving Job Fair at the Denver campus on November 13! Stop by this event to ask your questions, talk to a JBS recruiter in person, and see what it would take to start your new driving career with a great company like JBS Carriers!

Employer Video: Matthew Jenson, Central Refrigerated


Matthew Jensen with Central Refrigerated talks about why 90-95% of the drivers they hire are entry-level drivers. Click pay to hear what he says about the lifestyle of a truck driver, what it’s like to start your career as a driver with Central Refrigerated, and how you can grow from there!

Employer Video: Scott Creasy, Knight Transportation


Click play to hear Scott Creasy from Knight Transportation talk about what it’s like to start a driving career with Knight, what to expect as a new driver, and why they think it’s important to find new drivers with training from a school like US Truck.

Employer Video: JBS Carriers


JBS Carrier recruiter takes a moment to talk about what the life of a truck driver is like, and what you can expect as a driver.

Employer Video: Swift Transportation


Having a truck driving career isn’t always an “easy ride,” but the more you’re willing to train and the more work you’re willing to do, the bigger reward you’ll get out of your career. It’s that simple.

Employer Video: May Truck Lines


Making the decision to go through with your CDL training isn’t necessarily the end of your worries. What can you expect once you graduate? Do companies really hire our graduates? We talked with a recruiter from May Truck Lines to see what its really like for new drivers.

Recruiter Photos from July 11 Job Fair at USTDS, Denver Campus


May Trucking recruiter at USTDS Job Fair 7/11




Tawny Gates, a recruiter for May Trucking, at the US Truck Career Fair on Wednesday, July 11th at the Denver campus.  (Seth Bakker, a driver for May and a US Truck Graduate, was also there with his brand new truck!)






Swift Transport recruiter at USTDS Job Fair 7/11




Greg Baker, a Senior Recruiter for Swift Transportation, speaking to new Driver Trainees at the US Truck Driving School Career Fair. During the past ten years, Greg has been a driver, dispatcher, manager and now Field Recruiter for Swift Transportation. Greg is also at graduate of US Truck Driving School. He said he loves the transportation industry, and that US Truck did everything they could to help him get started.