Truck Driving School Cost and Student Loans

We offer a variety of finance options for those students concerned with truck driving school cost and needing financial assistance to pay for their tuition.   If you are ready to start your career as a Commercial Driver, call us and we will find a way to get you financed.

  • Students can get started in one of our programs for as little as $150 up front cost.
  • We also offer finance programs through United States Truck Driving School and are able to finance students, when other schools have told them, “NO”.
  • Loan payments do not begin, until a full 2 months after graduation, allowing our graduates the peace of mind of knowing they do not have to begin repayment, right after school.
  • We offer placement with several of the largest National Trucking Companies that offer tuition reimbursement to our graduates to help repay their loan payments each month.  Some pay as much as half of the monthly payment and a total of up to $5,000.


Don’t let any concerns regarding truck driving school cost get in the way of wanting to learn how to become a truck driver!

Call United States Truck Driving School today or visit our campus for a no obligation evaluation.