US Truck Success Stories

Joseph, Kristina, Ronnie, and Shalisa start on the road as professional truck drivers!


A few more graduates to add to the list! Congratulations to Joseph, Kristina, Ronnie, and Shalisa for completing your training! Wishing you all the best in your new trucking careers!

Abdi, Brandos, Daniel, Derek, and Jeff hit the road as new drivers!


Congratulations to our newest graduates: Abdi, Brandos, Daniel, Derek, and Jeff.  Wishing you all the best as you begin your new careers as professional truck drivers!

Bryan G. gets behind the wheel one last time before surgery


Wonderful photo of Bryan Gober and his family! Bryan was a CDL driver and has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease. As a result of this, he will be having a double amputation of his legs. Before he has his surgery, he wanted to be able to get behind the wheel of a big rig and drive it one last time. So, of course we were honored to honor his wish and invited him to campus to take a few laps around the range! So, as he made a few laps around, we stood with his family and cheered him on.

Bryan, it was a pleasure having you on campus! You and your family will remain in our thoughts, and we wish you the best in all that you do, and hope that you have a successful and speedy recovery.

Bryan G. with his family as he drives a big rig

Jan, Stephen and Joshua graduate on Aug. 14th


Congratulations to Jan, Stephen, and Joshua on their August 14th graduation from the Colorado Springs campus!!

Aug. 14th graduates

USTDS partners with Discover Goodwill for veteran job training


We recently partnered with Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado, which offers job training and life-skills programs to help people with disabilities and other disadvantages achieve success. Through these different life-skills and career development programs, they are dedicated to helping people reach their highest level of personal and economic independence.

We’d like to congratulation this group of students that came through our school for the CDL training portion of their Veterans Diesel Technology Program! They were part of the first graduating class of this program, and US Truck Driving School is proud to have had the opportunity to train these veterans for the next chapter in their lives and careers.

Best wishes to each of you as you begin on the road to your future careers!

Programs like these can only exist with the support of our community. Consider making a donation to Discover Goodwill, to help put people back to work, and help them learn life skills to reach their full potential.

US Truck graduates from the Colorado Springs campus


Congratulations to our August 7th gradustes, Joseph, Travis, Alvin, and Gary who completed their training at the Colorado Springs campus. (I think I spy a future USTDS student there too!) We’d also like to give a shout out to Corey Shamburger, who graduated in July from our Colorado Springs campus! Way to go, everyone!!

2014 Graduate Loretta Young


Loretta Young actually graduated back in December 2014, but somehow we didn’t have her graduation picture! She stopped by the school yesterday to visit, so we snapped this pic, and got to talk with her about her time here enrolled in class, and her new driving career. It’s always a great time catching up with our graduates, thanks for the visit Loretta!! #WomenInTrucking

2014 graduate Loretta Young

May graduates and funny technology tweets


Found a few more May graduate photos floating around, so let’s share! Congrats to Joshua Berry, Toni Conaway, Michael Raulston, and Cristobal Guerra! Wishing you all the best in your new driving careers – stay safe, folks!

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Toni Conaway

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Michael Raulston

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Joshua Berry

May 2015 graduate from US Truck

Cristobal Guerra


Funny Tweets to Prove Kids Today Have No Clue About Old Technology

I’m not even that old, but these tweets make me feel old! Ugh. How many of you can relate to these?? (click the pic for more tweets!)
funny technology tweets (h/t: boredpanda)

May 2015 US Truck grads, and an awesome VW camper van


Congratulations to this fine group of graduates that worked hard and finished up their training in the first half of May 2015: 2. Richard Molinari, John Kelly, David Richardson, Scott Merritt, Stanley Clark, and Khamphoui Phouminh.


Check out this VW camper van that I am now obsessed with. I’d love to travel and camp in this thing! Set up with just the press of a few buttons? Yes, please!

Practical Motorhome Doubleback VW Camper

From students to Professional Drivers!


I just love sharing photos of our graduates! They all work very hard to get successfully get through their training program here, and we are proud of each of you!! Today we’re congratulating recent graduates Christopher Eisenbraun, Jesse Hackstaff, Brent Paulsen, Dean Romero, John Buchholz, and Mohammed Olad!

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Jesse Hackstaff

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Dean Romero

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Christopher Eisenbraun

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Brent Paulsen

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

Mohammed Olad

2015 US Truck CDL graduate

John Buchholz

Way to go, everyone! Congratulations to each of you on the hard work and dedication you put into furthering your education and meeting your career goals! Best of luck on the road!