May ’14 trucking graduates John and Zach


Zach Maricle & John Collins attended the Wheat Ridge/Denver campus and graduated in May 2014. Congratulations to both of you! Really proud of the hard work you put into your training!

US Truck graduates Kach and John

August 1st gradautes, Dustin, Sean and William


Congratulations to Dustin Recla, Sean Richardson & FEMA student William Sadowski who all graduated August 1, 2014. We are very proud of your achievements and wish you the best as you begin your new careers!

Congratulations, Graduates!


Please help us congratulate some of our recent trucking graduates from June and July. They have all worked really hard to achieve their goals, and we couldn’t be more proud. Everyone here at US Truck wishes you all the best as you begin your new truck driving careers! Congratulations, graduates!

Ronald Crist and Christopher Johnson graduated June 20.

Dario Lara, Carl “Sonny” Aaron, Amber Siebold and Eduardo Barron graduated June 27.

Gwen Keller, David Bonner, Mohammed Janabi and Hassan Bakeet all graduated July 9.

Walter Palmgren, Jerry Burt, Thomas Mohrbacer and Jared Bickler graduated July 18.

Calvin Tyree, Juan Esparza, Miguel Agosto and Kirk Firestone graduated July 25.

Update from US Truck graduate, Mike Sheeds


We received a great update letter from Donna Sheeds about US Truck graduate Mike Sheeds. Take a look at what great things Mike has accomplished since his graduation!

USTDS graduate Mike Sheeds

Mike Sheeds

“He graduated from your school in Nov 1988, just before Thanksgiving. We were still young, no kids, and no clue really what we wanted to do with our lives.

Your school gave Mike direction. Once he signed on with Werner I spent MANY years on the road with him at first full time, then just a few months out of the year while he trained.

Over the years we bought a house and 20 acres in the country. We were also blessed to be able to adopt FOUR of the most beautiful gals in Texas from foster care.

His accomplishments since hiring on with Werner are:

He has just achieved 3 million accident free miles

President’s Club-1995, 1996, 1998, 1999

$50 k award-1995-2002
$75 k award-2003-2006

Trainer of the month-March 2013

Mike has always been a man of high integrity who trust in God for all things. His accomplishments as a truck driver started out with teachers and faculty at US Trucking that believed in his abilities. And for that we are grateful and wanted you to be aware of the level of driver your school helps create.

Thanks so much!
Donna Sheeds”

USTDS graduate Mike Sheeds

Congratulations, Mike! We are all very proud of all of your hard work and accomplishments & wish you the best in your career!

Visit from graduate Brad Eaton


Brad Eaton graduated on May 9, 2014 and stopped by earlier to show off his May truck. We are happy to report he is doing very well in his new driving career! Thanks for the visit, Brad!

April 2014 USTDS Graduates


More US Truck Graduates! Clinton Copeland, John Casanova, Chez Mann and James Burnett completed their CDL training and gradauted from our program on April 11, 2014. Benjamin Kaburu, Loren Turner and Jeri Lyn Burgett graduated from our CDL training program on April 18, 2014. Andres Urosa, Abdirahim Osman, Mohammad Wardak and Stephen Phelps completed their training and graduated on April 25, 2014. Congratlations to each of you, we wish you well in your new careers and future endeavors.

US Truck CDL graduates

April 11 Graduates: Clinton Copeland, John Casanova, Chez Mann and James Burnett

US Truck CDL graduates

April 18 Graduates: Benjamin Kaburu, Loren Turner and Jeri Lyn Burgett

US Truck CDL graduates

April 25 Graduates: Andres Urosa, Abdirahim Osman, Mohammad Wardak and Stephen Phelps

April 4th Graduates William H. and Thomas A.


We’d like to congratulate William and Thomas on completing their CDL training with us! We wish you both the best of luck in your new careers!

April 4 graduates: William Hidden and Thomas Almquist

US Truck graduates, April 4 2014

New CDL graduates at Us Truck


Congratulations to everyone that graduated on March 28, 2014! We are very proud of your hard work and dedication to your futures. We know you’ll do well in your new trucking careers, and wish you all the best!!

March 28, 2014 graduates:
James Boyle, Tina Brinkman, Clifford Knuth and John Wood Jr.

US Truck graduates, March 28 2014

2012 CDL graduate Tracey Olin


2012 US Truck graduate Tracey Olin

Tracey Olin graduated back in Decmber 2012 and recently stopped by with his family to say hi to everyone here at US Truck! It was nice to catch up and we are very happy to report that he is enjoying his career in the oil fields. Thanks for the visit, Tracey! It was nice to see you and your family!

Robert graduates with highest GPA of his class


US Truck graduate with highest GPACongratulations to Robert for having the highest GPA in his graduating class! Way to go! That is definitely something to be proud of!

Robert graduated from our Colorado Springs campus on March 4, 2014.