Daimler unveils new autonomous self-driving truck this week


Daimler’s “Inspiration” is the first ever autonomous, self-driving semi truck licensed to drive on Nevada’s highway system. It was debuted this week Tuesday, at an event atop the Hoover Dam, that included a night drive across the dam – driver included (this time).

However, Daimler isn’t quite ready to start taking customer orders for the truck, and they said they have no intention of ditching real-life drivers. Instead, truck drivers would become more on an on-board logistics manager, keeping things running on track.

“We’re far from that. We’re just getting people inspired,” said Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, member of the board of management of Daimler AG.

Freightliner unveils its Inspiration self-driving truck during an event at the Hoover Dam (AP Photo/John Locher)

Freightliner unveils its Inspiration self-driving truck during an event at the Hoover Dam (AP Photo/John Locher)

Though, if the company was in logistics business, the truck could be used for shipping goods on the highways between Reno and Las Vegas, due to it’s automated state license. For now, Inspiration will be used only for additional testing, and of course showing off what the truck can already do.

For years, companies have been testing different autonomous technology in passenger vehicles – including blind spot warnings, automatic parallel parking, and break assist – to name a few.

With a autonomous, self-driving vehicle – especailly one as large as a semi truck – there are many questions that aren’t yet answered. Daimler Trucks North America president and CEO Martin Daum said society might forgive a number of deaths caused by tired truck drivers at the wheel but they would never forgive a single fatal crash blamed on a fully automated big rig.

Still, “we believe that before passenger cars will be cruising around in suburbs, long before that, you will be seeing heavy trucks running on the interstate highways,” Bernhard said. There are no intersections, no red lights, no pedestrians, he said, making it a far less complex trip for a truck to make.

The company, however, said they have no intention of ditching real-life drivers – instead the driver would be more of an on-board logistics manager.

For now, only four states certify testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads – as long as there is a human driver behind the wheel. Other states have shown interest in allowing such tests, but in the end, proper testing will take more than just a few random states. Bernhard believes more states need to allow for testing of these autonomous vehicles. When neighboring states allow for this type of autonomous vehicle, it starts to make sense to more and more customers who could benefit from the technology.

Information for this article was taken from Kimberly Pierceall’s AP article, Daimler’s self-driving big rig makes big entrance in Nevada, published May. 6, 2015 8:25 AM EDT

How does CDL training set you on the right path to a new career?


Your Denver CDL school training can drive you right up to the door of the CDL exam, but can it get you through the door?

Not on its own. A lot of people think they will get into CDL training and quickly run through the training material, then end up with their commercial driver’s license as if by magic. This is, of course, not true. It takes quite a bit of hard work and study to attain excellence in Denver CDL school or in most other fields.

Most success stories involve someone performing a lot of hard work, going through a great deal of adversity, and even at times overcoming the odds. Seldom does a good success story involve a twist of fate, a chance encounter, or just dumb, blind luck. There is a good reason for that, and that reason is that having something just handed to you is boring and dull, and rarely leads to something that is truly appreciated.

By extension, then, if you are just given a job without having to work for it, how likely are you going to be to truly appreciate it? Sure you may appreciate it at first, but if you haven’t worked at it yourself, chased it, struggled for it, gone through Denver CDL school for it, how are you going to learn to love it?

It’s for that reason that you shouldn’t WANT to just be given a shot. You need to earn it, and you should want to earn it. If you can truly perform the job at a high level, then what is the point of even trying for it? Do you want to accept mediocrity and indifference? Or do you want to grab your Denver CDL school by the horns and conquer it?

Of course it sounds like grab it by the horns and conquer it is the “right answer” to this question, but is it necessarily? Is there anything wrong with having a job that you just have? Is there a problem with you taking a job that you don’t love but that will give you the means to support yourself and your family?

Of course not. But if you’re looking for a career, you probably want to aim a little higher than that, and look for something that really satisfies your sensibilities and offers you work that challenges you and gives you a sense that you are doing what you want to do with your life.

Is Denver CDL school the answer to that? Will a career driving commercial vehicles provide you that stability and sense of fulfillment that you’re looking for in a career? That’s not for me or anyone else who isn’t you to even speculate on. But if it is, then why continue to delay the move you are clearly drifting toward? Why struggle against the tide?

If Denver CDL school is what your heart and your head each want, then why aren’t you running to it like the main characters of a romantic comedy run toward each other at the end, embracing it and making the most of it?

Yes, yes, it’s easy to, just like in those movies, have an initial fear of Denver CDL school, even when it is clearly the path for you. What if I fail, you ask. What if I don’t give my all and wash out? Or worse, what if I finish the training but can’t get my CDL? What if I fail the exam? Or what if I pass the exam but don’t like my job?

These are all valid questions as you begin Denver CDL school, and for many people those are enough to make them hesitate. But if you think this is the path for you, if Denver CDL school is the key to your success, then don’t listen to those doubts, and make this happen and never look back.

Find yourself the career path you want to head down, then grab your opportunity. Make Denver CDL school your goal, and don’t let anything get in your way, least of all self-doubt. This is your career. If you know it’s the path you want, don’t let anything stop you from grabbing it.

Just what exactly is CDL training?


Take your Colorado Springs CDL school and go learn something, would you? This isn’t an opportunity to mess around here…this is your chance to shine, to show what you can do, and to prove to the world that you are ready for a career.

What does Colorado Springs CDL school do for you? Well, if you’re not interested in driving a commercial vehicle for a living, not a whole lot. If you want to be a lawyer or a stock broker, you probably don’t want much to do with a commercial driver’s license. Nurses and IT professionals don’t ordinarily get the opportunity to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 26,000 lbs.

But if the idea of driving a tractor-trailer, or a city bus, or any number of construction vehicles sounds like a good idea to you, then perhaps you should stop for a moment and not discount Colorado Springs CDL school as a way to further your career.

So what is all of this? Why are we talking about CDLs and training and commercial vehicles and all of this? Let’s talk a little about it.

CDL stands for commercial driver’s license. Years ago the federal government mandated that all commercial vehicle drivers must hold a specialized driver’s license that shows they are qualified to drive that vehicle.

So what is a commercial vehicle? It’s any vehicle used for the purposes of commerce (which is to say, business). The legal requirement is that the vehicle must have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,000 lbs. or more to be counted as a commercial vehicle. That means if you drive a normal commuter vehicle, you most likely won’t be required to have a CDL to operate it.

However, large semi trucks and other large vehicles do fall under that requirement, so in order to legally drive on you must have one of these licenses.

Now you can’t just stroll into your local department of motor vehicles and get a CDL. To get one you must attend Colorado Springs CDL school, then take the CDL exam, which is a comprehensive examination of your knowledge of the rules and regulations governing commercial vehicles and their operation, of the traffic laws surrounding them, and that you know how to physically operate a truck.

So in other words, you must go to Colorado Springs CDL school before you will be able to pass the exam. The rules and regulations surrounding commercial vehicles are often much different than that of normal commuter vehicles, so don’t count on your current knowledge of vehicle regulations to get you by.

Most Colorado Springs CDL school programs are between 6 and 12 weeks in length and go over all of the information you need to pass the CDL exam. You should also get time practicing in a real truck, which is to say student driving. So a good Colorado Springs CDL school will get you all of the practice, information, and study materials you should need in order to pass the CDL exam, which makes you eligible to pursue a career as a commercial vehicle driver.

Depending on which type of driving you’re planning on doing, you may want to pursue endorsements to your license. Endorsements are additions to your license that qualify you to perform specialty tasks in addition to your normal CDL duties. In other words, tasks that the government deemed too specialized, difficult, or hazardous to perform even with a CDL license.

Tasks like transporting hazardous materials or towing a double or triple trailer are the types of tasks that require an endorsement on your license. An endorsement typically requires you pass an additional exam and pay an additional fee, so beware of that. However, the benefits associated with the endorsements are generally worth several times what you pay for them in terms of benefit for your career.

So there is an overview of a CDL. Are you interested in Colorado Springs CDL school now? Do you feel like a career driving a commercial vehicle may be for you? If so, find that Colorado Springs CDL school and see if it’s right for you. You may come to see the benefits of such a career.

5 Steps to knowing if CDL training is right for you


We are going to Colorado Springs CDL school. That’s the place you go when you want to start a new career that involves driving trucks, especially in the great state of Colorado.

How do you know if Colorado Springs CDL school is for you? It’s pretty simple. Follow these guidelines:

  • Do you need a new career?
  • Do you enjoy driving big vehicles?
  • Do you enjoy independence and time alone?
  • Are you good at driving large trucks?
  • Are you dependable, responsible, and trustworthy?

It’s really just that simple. If you answered yes to all of those questions, then it’s a strong possibility that getting a commercial driver’s license and pursuing a career in the trucking industry may be a good idea for you.

Of course, it’s not as easy as enrolling in Colorado Springs CDL school, picking up your CDL license, and driving a truck. There are prerequisites—things you must do or possess in order to be eligible to drive a commercial vehicle to begin with.

The first is you must be in relatively good health. Your hearing and vision must be up to snuff, which is to say for hearing, you must be able to hear a “forced whisper” from 5 feet away. You can do this either with or without the help of a hearing aid.

For vision, you must have 20/40 or better vision in each eye, and that is either with or without the aid of corrective lenses. The point here is don’t worry if you have to wear glasses, contacts, or a hearing aid, because you can use them. The purpose of this restriction seems obvious, but you shouldn’t be operating a large commercial vehicle if you cannot see or hear adequately. It is an integral part of the job.

Next, you must also be in good general health. There are a variety of ailments and illnesses that will disqualify you from service as a tractor-trailer driver, and prevent you from getting into Colorado Springs CDL school. Epilepsy is one of them, and there are several others. You should check with your local department of motor vehicles if you have any of these illnesses, and you fear you may not be able to get into your chosen school as a result.

Again, the purpose of the restrictions are for safety. If you have an episode while driving, it can result in a disastrous accident that could cause injury to you and to other motorists, and could damage the truck and the cargo you are carrying. Plus it could cause property damage as well, the usual risks associated with a traffic accident.

This is a legitimate concern for many illnesses. If you fear your illness may cause an issue getting into Colorado Springs CDL school, you should check immediately with your local department of motor vehicles, or contact your school for a list of illnesses that will disqualify you from trucking service.

Most able-bodied adults will not have to deal with these issues, but still a medical exam is necessary before you enroll in Colorado Springs CDL school. Once you complete your exam, you can continue the next steps necessary toward beginning your time in CDL training, and move toward your career as a truck driver.

There is at least one more step you must complete before you are ready to move into your Colorado Springs CDL school experience. You must obtain a CDL learner’s permit. This is similar to a normal learner’s permit, except that this one allows you to learn to drive a commercial vehicle. This can be obtained at your local department of motor vehicles, and should be done at some point before starting your CDL training. Consult your Colorado Springs CDL school to find their exact procedures and to know when you should get your permit.

Like any professional training program, knowing how to get started is at least as important as finishing up. You can’t complete your training until you begin it, so be sure you know the steps you need to take in advance of beginning your Colorado Springs CDL school training program. Your future is too important to endanger by not being prepared.

CDL training to jump start your future


Drawing out your future isn’t always the easiest thing to do, particularly when it comes to your career. But if you are looking to get into the trucking business, you can rest assured that future starts with Colorado Springs CDL school.

That’s a foregone conclusion. The federal government mandated in 1980 that anyone driving a commercial vehicle must possess a commercial driver’s license. In order to get a CDL, that person must first pass a training course.

In other words, they must go through Colorado Springs CDL school, pass, then pass the CDL exam and get their CDL license. While that task isn’t the most daunting thing in the world (it’s something many many people can do), it is something that takes a little bit of work to get through successfully.

So how DO you get through it? Most likely how most other students get through their studies. You attend class (try not to ever miss a session), you read what you are asked to read, do any assignments you are given, study for exams and quizzes.

However, there is one aspect of Colorado Springs CDL school that most college students don’t have: driving practice. Although you could argue it’s sort of like lab time, there is not really a comparison to the driving time you have at Colorado Springs CDL school that compares to most other academic programs.

So you go through the driving portion of Colorado Springs CDL school. Make it a point to learn the steps for starting up the vehicle, for getting it moving, and getting it stopped. Safety is key in all of these steps, so be sure you’re taking that into account.

Of course, most of these steps are similar to driving a normal car, so you will know quite a bit of it. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention, and that there aren’t many big differences. That’s all part of the Colorado Springs CDL school experience, and much of the purpose for taking it in the first place.

So how do you know what parts of Colorado Springs CDL school are important and what aren’t? Well, the only way to be sure of that is to just hear all of it. Why wouldn’t you? Of course you’re not going to forget that you have to turn the key and press the gas to make the truck go, but there are other important differences in the operation of the vehicle, and you will definitely need to know that.

So suffer through the things you know already, and be prepared to learn when new information presents itself. That goes for all aspects of this job. The differences are such that you will have a tough time keeping up with them if you don’t understand them. It’s a waste of your time and everyone else’s to decline to pay proper attention, and to allow your attention to wander.

Just do your best the first time around and leave it alone, would you?

Getting through Colorado Springs CDL school isn’t the most difficult thing you’ll ever do, so don’t make it worse than it already needs to be. Just buckle down, pay attention, and get through it. Master your craft, and get started in your career the right way, not through trying to take shortcuts and use lifehacks. Sometimes, good, old-fashioned elbow grease is the way to go, and when you’re talking about career training, you can’t really afford to play around.

So use Colorado Springs CDL school as a time to get to know the trucking industry, and to develop your skills as a driver and as a person. Having career skills is a positive thing, and developing a new way of listening and learning can only help you as you navigate the early stages of your career.

Why make it tough on yourself? Get your hard work out of the way early, develop a mastery of the materials, and you will already be ahead of the game.

Then you can focus on the next phase of the education you receive in Colorado Springs CDL school: continuing education. That’s learning after your learning is done.

USTDS and JBS Carriers Partner For New Scholarship Program


We are proud to announce that beginning in April 2015, United States Truck Driving School will be be partnering with JBS Carriers for a newly established “JBS Carriers Scholarship” program. The JBS Carrier Scholarship program will enable eligible students to receive a scholarship to attend the CDL training program at USTDS, and then go to work for JBS Carriers upon graduation.

JBS and USTDS partner for the JBC Carriers Scholarship Program

JBS Carriers has a fleet of over 600 trucks and 800 employees that handle both refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight, with on-time delivery of both temperature-controlled and non-temperature controlled products. JBS terminals are located in Colorado, Wisconsin, Utah, Texas, and Georgia, with regional operations in the Midwest and Western states.

To qualify for this scholarship program, candidates must have a clean motor vehicle and clean criminal background checks, along with a solid work history. Our goal is for every student to become a successful and safe driver. For more information on attending our 160 Hour Class A training program using the JBS Carriers Scholarship program, please contact us by calling 888.308.8170 in Denver, or 866.872.0571 in Colorado Springs. You may also request that we contact you with information regarding enrollment in our CDL training programs by completing the form on this page.

For more information on JBC Carriers, please visit www.jbscarriers.com.
Visit with USTDS and JBS Carrier representatives at our May 1 Hiring Event.

Top Tips for Getting Through CDL Training


Starting a new career, it’s important to do your best during your training session. Denver CDL school is one type of job training where you really need to buckle down and learn the information you are studying in order to find real success.

And it is easy to fall into the trap of indifference in this kind of training. Not indifference to the job, which of course you area most likely very excited about. No, at Denver CDL school, you can become too overconfident and fail to properly learn the material.

It happens pretty often. “It’s only driving rules,” you tell yourself. So you don’t study as much as you should. Maybe some nights you don’t study at all. You think that you can get by with just half-listening in class, or you just don’t put your heart into training.

But that’s a trap that you set yourself, and is the easiest way to torpedo your hopes and dash your dreams when you’re a student in Denver CDL school.

Believe it or not, when you’re chasing a commercial driver’s license, you have to know ALL of the rules and regulations. This isn’t just a cupcake course that you have to sit through. This isn’t a rehash of your driver’s license exam, or a defensive driving course. This is a professional CDL training course, and if you ever hope to land any jobs in trucking, you had better put your full effort into it.

It’s simple: the regulations governing the trucking industry are plentiful, and sometimes they are complex. Laws vary state-to-state, and what applies to commuter vehicles does not always apply to commercial ones. So treating the CDL exam as an offshoot of the regular operator’s license test, and assuming you don’t have to put a full effort in is a big mistake that may just lead to failure for you.

Instead, put your full effort into Denver CDL school, and don’t fall into the trap. Set aside a few hours each week that you can devote to study time. This should be outside of classroom and driving practice time. You need this time to absorb the material.

Even if you find the material easy, don’t shortchange your Denver CDL school experience. If you can totally master the CDL information, and make yourself a walking commercial driving encyclopedia, then do it! Memorizing just about everything, if you can do it, is a great idea. How much easier will it be for you to get a job in the trucking industry if you are an authority on the information?

But it’s a common mistake for students to underestimate their coursework, and many times it ends up biting them. Denver CDL school is something that some people may indeed be able to excel in with what seems like minimal effort. But especially early on, as you’re learning the information, err on the side of studying TOO much. You can always back down, but why would you want to?

Give yourself the chance to be a real master of something if the material is truly that easy. There is no reason not to put your all into this, and to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible. Make your goal not to keep up with the rest of your class, but to lead them all in terms of learning about getting a CDL.

Put it this way: you won’t regret studying too much when you are taking the CDL exam and you breeze through, easily passing. Nor will you regret it when you’re interviewing for trucking jobs and can rattle off driving regulations at will. You’ll never say “I studied TOO much in Denver CDL school.”

Your Denver CDL school can really serve you well if you allow it to. Putting your all into something means, perhaps, even doing more work than you think is enough. Keep pushing through, and let the success you have in Denver CDL school carry on into your success on the job. The more education you have, the better driver you are, and the more familiar you are with the laws and regulations, the better it pans out for you when you are employed. So go on, study too hard in Denver CDL school.

How to get ready for your CDL training


Get ready for Denver CDL school. The time for preparing is past. You’ve had enough opportunity to get ready to take the first step toward your new career, and it’s time to start classes.

Where do you rank this in importance in your career and your life? Obviously in terms of life you have many more important days: your wedding day and when your children are born just to name a few. But in terms of your career, there are few that have the importance of beginning the job training for the career that will most likely sustain you professionally for years to come.

Jobs in trucking are there for those who have the proper qualifications, so don’t worry about that too much. Of course, you aren’t even going to sniff any of those trucking jobs if you don’t have a CDL and aren’t otherwise qualified.

Did you know that there is a health component to earning a CDL? You must pass a health screening and prove that you are in generally good physical health, including having adequate eyesight and hearing. If you are unsure of these qualifications, contact your Denver CDL school and they can give you the details on how good your eyesight and hearing need to be.

Also, you will have plenty of classroom work to complete while you’re in Denver CDL school. You must learn the rules, regulations, and laws that govern truckers and other commercial drivers, and you must commit these rules to memory.

In addition, you should have a good grasp of the terminology associated with the commercial driving industry. Exactly what that terminology is you will learn during your time in Denver CDL school, but suffice it to say it is important for you to remember.

You will also spend a great deal of time behind the wheel practice driving. This is done on open roads, and includes time with a licensed instructor, who will be on hand to correct mistakes, and will have the ability to stop the vehicle if it is necessary. The instructor can also ensure the test vehicle is being driven in a safe manner and that all necessary regulations and traffic laws are being followed.

Upon graduation from Denver CDL school, you should be almost ready to prepare to take the CDL exam and ultimately obtain a CDL. The commercial driver’s license is the single most important piece of documentation you need in order to get trucking jobs in America. It is required to find work as a truck driver, and for a variety of other commercial driving opportunities as well.

The one thing you are bound to learn in Denver CDL school is the way to properly drive a big truck. Of course, that’s what Denver CDL school is designed to teach. Hopefully you gain enough knowledge and skill to pass the CDL exam. Don’t be afraid to ask “How do I pass the CDL exam?” your school should be able to offer materials you can use to study and prepare for the exam, which is in two parts: a driving portion and a written portion.

Once the CDL exam has been successfully completed (which is to say passed), you will have your CDL and be ready to pursue jobs in the trucking industry. It may seem like a long road, though your CDL training program takes only weeks to complete. You will be ready to pursue new career opportunities in commercial driving.

Be sure to adjust your resume with your new career information accounted for, and be sure you list the Denver CDL school under education.

Starting a new career is an exciting time for any professional, and moreso if you are entering an entirely new industry. But with hard work, the willingness to adapt to your new surroundings, and accepting a new way of doing things, you can find a great deal of success in your new professional life.

Be sure you give the proper weight to your Denver CDL school, but don’t forget to continue learning through the years as you become a more seasoned professional. Methods, techniques, and technology changes frequently, and make sure you are keeping yourself equipped with the latest tools to do your job!

4 Top Jobs for Those With a CDL


Yes, you do want to find a solid Colorado Springs CDL school to help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to find one of many jobs in trucking that are out there.

The trucking industry has some opportunities, but they aren’t going to come for you—you have to go to them. That means you need to prepare yourself: first by earning a CDL license, and next by applying, pursuing, and chasing them.

Colorado Springs CDL school can afford you a lot of opportunities, but you have to meet it half way. You have to do the work. You have to put in the hours of study and the weeks of practice and the preparation. It’s up to you to seize the opportunity; no one is going to present it to you like a dinner plate.

So you may still be skeptical, and perhaps you are unsure of what types of jobs you can pursue after you have earned a CDL. Rest assured that Colorado Springs CDL school affords you a variety of opportunities in several different industries you can pursue employment in. Here are just a few:

Truck driving. You can become an over-the-road, long-haul tractor-trailer driver. Breaking into the trucking industry is a wise move for many people, as it is an industry that continually needs new drivers and employees to keep the flow of goods moving.

Package and parcel delivery. Working for a shipping company that delivers packages and parcels—we all know and love these companies that drive their big trucks around town—is something many people strive for. With a commercial driver’s license, you are positioning yourself for employment for one of those sought-after companies.

Construction. There’s always a need for operators of construction vehicles. And really, who DOESN’T want to do that? You’ll be providing an important service to your community, literally helping to build a town, while you make a living for yourself. That’s the definition of a fun, important job.

Bus driving. With different types—you can drive a city bus, a school bus, a tour bus, or a commuter bus between towns or cities—you have options for employment. Each type of bus offers a unique experience from the rest, and offers a little variety to what can be a repetitive job.

These are but a few of the many fields that are in need of someone who is in possession of a CDL. You can always go do Colorado Springs CDL school and work on getting your license and all of the various endorsements, and you can choose for yourself which field you want to get into. Maybe you’ll want to try more than one of these different types of jobs over the next several years in order to get a real grasp on which one you’re looking for.

No matter what you do, find yourself a good Colorado Springs CDL school first, and get into the educational component of your journey. Work hard and learn both how to drive, and the rules, regulations, and laws that will govern you while you are serving as a commercial vehicle driver.

While you are in Colorado Springs CDL school, you can consider which of these career paths you want to take. After you graduate, you can make your decision, and begin pursuing the job you want (or you can even pursue jobs in multiple fields and pick from job offers which you want to accept).

The point is your Colorado Springs CDL school training affords you flexibility and options you should really take full advantage of. Get yourself in a position to succeed, and finding that success becomes much simpler.

So take the next step now. Find a Colorado Springs CDL school that fits your needs, and enroll. Take your education seriously and position yourself to earn a CDL, then pass the CDL exam. You will be more than half way there just at that point! It’s up to you which direction you want to go in with respect to your commercial driving career, but if you put your full attention into it, you more than likely will find yourself in a good position, ready for employment!

What to expect out of your CDL training


Denver CDL school is nothing to mess around with. Either you want to get into this business, or you don’t. It’s not a good idea to take CDL training as a hobby or as something you don’t intend on following up on.

People who obtain their commercial driver’s license are serious about their work. They understand the responsibility they have to themselves, their employers, and to the general public. It’s not an understatement to say that a truck driver has the lives of many others in their hands every time they go out on the road. A careless moment on the road can have disastrous consequences.

By that I mean that someone can go through Denver CDL school, get their CDL license, and begin a trucking career, then get behind the wheel one day and have a crash that can have thousands of dollars worth of damage to their cargo, injure themselves, or injure (or worse) to an innocent commuter who has nothing to do with the driver except that they happen to share the road with the truck.

Luckily, Denver CDL school is designed to prevent that type of accident from happening. In a Denver CDL school you should be subjected to a variety of safety procedures and ways to prevent many accidents from happening.

Of course the first thing is that a truck driver should be taught from the time they begin Denver CDL school to drive defensively. Aggressive driving from both commuters and truck drivers can lead to terrible, costly accidents. Defensive driving is the key, and refraining from aggression and remaining calm is the number one way to prevent accidents.

Denver CDL school will also teach you skills to avoid accidents. Of course vigilance is key, and remaining alert and ready to avoid other drivers and vehicles is an important part of staying safe. As a driver you can’t really control the actions of others, but you can alter your own behavior while driving. Of course activities like texting while driving is dangerous and illegal in many states, so refrain from that type of stuff.

Also, you’ll learn that in Denver CDL school you will need to practice quite a bit, so you can become familiar with the controls on a big truck and on the differences in driving a commercial vehicle versus driving a normal commuter vehicle.

Being much bigger than a standard automobile is a big deal, and the fact that you will be driving that vehicle should be enough to make you pay attention in Denver CDL school to the differences, and to overcome those differences in short order.

Continue studying and absorbing the content at Denver CDL school so that you can master the tenets of commercial truck driving before you have to take the CDL exam. This is an important part of developing CDL careers, because you need to be an expert at commercial driving before you take the exam.

Just knowing the rules isn’t enough. You have to be able to react in real time to a situation that may cause you to break the rules, or to create a similar unsafe driving environment that you want to avoid. Again Denver CDL school will help you with learning techniques for avoiding those types of unfortunate situations.

Do you think you may prosper in a career driving a commercial vehicle? You have many options for employment, all of which offer both similar and highly different work environments and experiences. You should consider strongly researching all of the different potential commercial driving occupations, and find out which one of them best suits you.

Denver CDL school can teach you a lot, but it can’t make you decide which of those fields to enter. Whichever you do choose, be sure you leave options open. CDL training is one thing that can help you if you decide you need a change, without requiring you to go through years of additional training. Just find a new offshoot of commercial driving, take any training courses you may need to take, or potentially just take the endorsement exam. Then you will be ready to switch jobs, but keep more or less the same career.